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Red Rock India is a team of skilled individuals with 35 years of cumulative experience in Events, Digital and Design. Our aim is to provide brands with strategically focused solutions for their marketing needs. We offer hybrid solutions comprising of digital, on ground and virtual formats.

Digital Marketing Services


Content Development and Graphic Designing


Event Management


Customised Exhibition Stall Design and Execution


Digital Marketing

  • We device a Digital Marketing Strategy plan or course of action as per your requirement towards achieving set marketing goals.

  • Goals are determined by what your business objectives are and in order of priority.

  • Once these goals are set, we device customized digital marketing campaigns and execute to achieve them.

  • We not only manage all your social media profiles but also suggest strategies , monitor, report and adjust strategies to increase engagement or to achieve your desired goals






  • Elevate your brand's narrative with our unparalleled creative services. Backed by decades of artistic expertise, we harness the potent magic of captivating storytelling. Our commitment to crafting aesthetically pleasing narratives ensures your ideas are seamlessly conveyed.

  • Discover a spectrum of creative wonders tailored to your needs. From striking banners and enticing cover pictures to unique logos that define your identity, we weave artistic flair into every pixel. Our animations breathe life into your vision, while meticulously designed web interfaces create an immersive user experience.

  • Unleash the power of visual storytelling through our high-quality videos and flawlessly executed dubbing and voiceovers. Our storyboarding expertise brings concepts to life, while data visualization transforms complex information into engaging graphics.

  • With a passion for innovation, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that embody the essence of compelling storytelling. Join us in shaping narratives that leave an indelible mark

Content development

Experiential Marketing

  • We Conceptualise, Design, Plan and Execute an event with a strategy that engages the consumer and creates real-life experience that will be remembered.

  • Our strategies focuses on getting the consumer to experience the brand and connect to its core values.

  • We provide an immersive experience, by which brand is able to create an impression in their audience’s mind that will stay with them far longer

​Product Launches | Sales Conferences | Team building Activities 

Customer Engagement Programs | Trade Fairs & Exhibitions | Award Functions 


  • Elevate your brand's presence with our bespoke Exhibition Stall Design and Execution services. Our team of creative experts seamlessly blends captivating aesthetics with strategic functionality, ensuring your stall stands out amidst the crowd.

  • From conceptualization to installation, we tailor designs that resonate with your brand identity and objectives. Immerse visitors in a sensory experience that drives engagement and conversions.

  • Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to timelines guarantee a stress-free journey from vision to reality.

  • Partner with us for an exceptional exhibition presence that leaves a lasting impact. Elevate your brand with our top-tier Exhibition Stall Design and Execution.

Digital Marketing
Content Development
Experiential Marketing
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