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Red Rock India is a team of skilled individuals with 35 years of cumulative experience in Events, Digital and Design. Our aim is to provide brands with strategically focused solutions for their marketing needs. We offer hybrid solutions comprising of digital, on ground and virtual formats.



Sales Agent


Full Concert


Virtual Team Meeting


Digital Marketing

  • We device a Digital Marketing Strategy plan or course of action as per your requirement towards achieving set marketing goals.

  • Goals are determined by what your business objectives are and in order of priority.

  • Once these goals are set, we device customized digital marketing campaigns and execute to achieve them.

  • We not only manage all your social media profiles but also suggest strategies , monitor, report and adjust strategies to increase engagement or to achieve your desired goals





Inbound Marketing

No form of communication is a powerful as ​in person communication

  • In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, virtually almost all businesses have migrated or in process of migration to a remote model. So in many ways, inside sales is not simply sales.

  • There was a time when there was a clear demarcation between inside (remote) sales and field sales, but now those lines have started to blur.

  • Even Sales Team that do on-premises sales typically handle parts of their business remotely, utilizing many of the same tools that Inside Sales Team have used for years such as CRM, sales dialers and more.

  • Even high-ticket sales can be handled successfully from remote locations.

So how do Inside Sales work?

Inside sales teams generate leads for sales teams by phone, email & various online channels

Experiential Marketing

  • We Conceptualise, Design, Plan and Execute an event with a strategy that engages the consumer and creates real-life experience that will be remembered.

  • Our strategies focuses on getting the consumer to experience the brand and connect to its core values.

  • We provide an immersive experience, by which brand is able to create an impression in their audience’s mind that will stay with them far longer

​Product Launches | Sales Conferences | Team building Activities 

Customer Engagement Programs | Trade Fairs & Exhibitions | Award Functions 

Virtual Engagement Solutions

  • We provide complete solutions to your virtual event, right from conceptualizing, designing to execution.

  • AR and VR are becoming more common within marketing, allowing brands to craft experiences, engage consumers and encourage conversions in interesting ways.

  • It is important that brands keep pace with new advances in order to meet customer expectations and deliver the best possible experience

Product Launches | Webinars | Trade Exhibitions | Service Awards

Customer Engagement Activities

Virtua Engagement
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